Tom Henry


Works for Symphony Orchestra

+'Night Dances', from Ancestors for Orchestra

(2011) (8 minutes)

First performed by the MSO, conducted by Kenneth Young, as part of a Young Composers Workshop, in October 2011

+Variations for Orchestra in three movements

(2009) (8 minutes)

1. Andante e misterioso
2. Molto leggiero
3. Largo ed ardente

Winner of 2nd Prize (the APRA Award) in the 2010 3MBS National Composers’ Awards


+Arrangement of 'Visions fugitives', op. 22, no.15, by Sergei Prokofiev, for orchestra

(2007) (1 minute)

First performed by the Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra as part of the Symphony Australia Composers’ School in September 2007

+arrangement of Piano Sonata, op.1, by Alban Berg, for orchestra

(9 minutes)

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